Twinning: Personalized Baby Swaddles for Twins and Multiples

May 10, 2017 What is cuter than one baby wrapped up in our sweet personalized swaddles? Maybe two babies, or three, or four, or more! We are excited to share our twinning swaddles with you. Each blanket has a boy and girl version! We have several more swaddle blankets in our twinning collection that are not pictured above. Click here to shop …

Neutral Nursery Colors are Calm and Cuddly

Personalized Baby Swaddle for a Neutral Nursery Color Theme

May 05, 2017 It’s a gray rainy day here. The perfect day for making a little nest of books, blankets, and hot drinks. Rainy days can make you cherish the coming of summer. They remind you of what you are looking forward too. Are you about to welcome some sweet baby sunshine into your life? Our beautiful neutral baby swaddles …

Our Baby Florals Say Hello to Spring!

April 26, 2017 Celebrate Spring with a fresh floral baby swaddle from our lovely collection! Spring over to our shop now to buy your favorite floral from our collection featured below. Happy Spring!!! Love, Meg B. at A Great Baby      

Mud Flops and Magic Fabric

Personalized Arrow Baby Leggings Pants

April 21, 2017 Lately my little three-year-old has reached this new level of energy that is unbelievable. Even after coffee, my energy level doesn’t match his. What amazes me is that through mealtimes, “nap” times, school times, and basically all the times, he is constantly on-the-go. I like to be on-the-go with a cup of coffee. on the couch. watching . …

Gabriel and Olivia

April 05, 2017 Dear Friends, Gabriel and Olivia’s mommy asked us to be praying for her beautiful babies. They were born very early and will need to be in NICU for 4-5 more weeks. Olivia needs prayer for her growth and eating. Gabriel needs prayer for his healing from a second bout of meningitis. Praying for you dear Gabriel, Olivia, …

Win Something Cute!

Personalized Deer and Antlers Baby Swaddle Blanket

December 19, 2016 It’s Monday. That means coffee. Do you need some cute with your coffee? We are giving away some cute! Head over to our instagram and TAG 5 friends to FOLLOW us. You will be entered to WIN this baby hat tonight! (If you win, you will also receive %20 off any baby blanket!) Merry Christmas! Meg B. at A Great Baby

Win Free Coffee and a Baby Hat!

Personalized Christmas Baby Hat

December 11, 2016 Friends, We want to help get your week off to a lovely start with a chance to win a $5 dollar Starbucks giftcard (emailed immediately) and a free personalized baby hat of your choice. To enter, You can tag five mommy friends on our instagram giveaway post. We will announce the winner Monday evening, and get your gifts ready! Enjoy! Meg B. from A Great Baby

Can I Ask You Something Really Awkward?

  December 07, 2016 Lately I have sworn off shopping with the kids. It is too stressful. If we can’t make it thru the dollar section of Target, I should take a hint. They don’t love shopping, as much as I do. I go into this sort of Zombie “everything is beautiful, I must look at everything at Target” state …

Not Picture Perfect

  August 18, 2016 As a mom with two kids under five, I have found new ways to express my creativity. Instagram is a good example. I can see the beauty in something and capture it at a good angle (especially if I take fifteen photos of it). I add some light. I increase the contrast and hue. I spend …

A Letter to A Young Mom

August 01, 2016 Dear Mommy, I see you struggling with those kids, and it takes me back in time twenty-seven years. I know how hard it is Mama. I remember needing to feel like everything was done perfectly and dreading the fear of judgement if it wasn’t. I remember all the wisdom of more seasoned Christian mommies who looked like …