Giant Keepsake Nap Blankets for Your Bigger Kids

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Good afternoon!

It's HOT here! Is it HOT where you are? It's not "hot," it's HOT! My northern-acclimated self is still adjusting to the Alabama summer. But my garden is flourishing, along with my family here in the South. So we found our home- scorching summers and all. 

Giant Keepsake Nap Blankets are available!

I have had so much fun this year expanding our options for toddlers and big kids. It may not seem like it some sleepless nights, but those babies you are and have been buying swaddles and crib sheets for, do in fact grow up! And it happens more quickly than you realize as you go through the routine day after day. 

Knowing how much you love our Keepsake Blankies, I wanted to keep the love going through the toddler and kid years. So I am now offering "Giant Keepsake Nap Blankets!" They feel just like our keepsake blankies for your babies, except in an extra large size for your older ones. The prints, personalization, and material are all the same, but they measure 55" x 40". They are perfect for those hot summer naps where a minky blanket isn't as comfortable for your kids. 

They come in 22 different "cool" print options that your big kids will love. Choose the one that looks like your unique child, personalize it with his/her name, and within two weeks your child's new favorite blanket will be delivered and ready for nap time! And we won't say anything if you sneak it away for a nap or two yourself.

A Great Baby

P.S. All orders ship from Hartselle, AL and can take up to two weeks to arrive. 

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  • I like the color combinations and the way the superheroes were made into cartoonss. Sweet.

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