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In the whirlwind of raising children, each day brings its own set of small wonders and challenges. From the first giggle to the mess of a midday snack, these are the moments that define the joys of motherhood. Yet, as any mom knows, children grow up incredibly fast. Capturing these fleeting moments can turn everyday experiences into a treasure trove of memories that last a lifetime. When moms take the time to record these simple happenings, they create a captured memory that celebrates the unique journey of their family.

Think about it: each little giggle, every step your child takes, and even those funny faces they make when trying new foods are moments that tell the story of their growth. These aren't just ordinary days; they're the days that make up the stories you'll share for years to come. For sentimental moms like me, there's something truly special about having a tangible record of these times, whether it's a photo, a video, or a written note about a funny thing their child said.

But where can you find the perfect keepsake to store all these precious memories? That's where Eighteen Summers comes in. Owned by Emma Kozlowski, a Connecticut-based entrepreneur and a mom of three herself, Eighteen Summers specializes in creating beautiful, personalized gifts perfect for capturing childhood's beauty. Emma's shop is dedicated to helping moms preserve the fleeting moments of childhood, and as a mom of three grown kids, and grandma of nearly 7, I promise you will forget so much!

Not only does Eighteen Summers offer unique products that are ideal for gifting, but each item is also crafted with love and care, ensuring they hold the sentimental value every mom cherishes. Whether you're looking for a special gift for a baby shower or something unique to add to your collection of family keepsakes, Emma's shop is the place to find it.

Here is my personal favorite: 

So, why not take a moment to visit and see for yourself the beautiful options available? Remember, it's not just about the big milestones, but also the quiet, everyday joys that make motherhood so rewarding. And at Eighteen Summers, you're sure to find the perfect item to capture those memories forever. Don’t forget to check out their latest collections and find the ideal way to celebrate your child's unique story.

Want to know more about Emma and hear her story: Check out her podcast called Memories In The Making here:  I am hooked already!!  Memories In The Making

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