Halloween Baby Costume Collection


It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner. That means Thanksgiving is on the doorstep. And Halloween?! Well, let’s just say, if you haven’t bought the candy, you should. Because you need to check if the chocolate is really worth sharing (wink wink).

We hope to help you feel a little more prepared for trick or treating with our Fairytale Forest, Flannel Fox, Peter Rabbit Pink and Blue, and Little Red Riding Hood baby “costumes.” Our baby swaddles will be perfect all year long, not just for one evening around the block.

Here at A Great Baby, we love all things cute and cuddly. Our Halloween collection is just that. All things cute and cuddly. So enjoy some chocolate and shopping at agreatbaby.com!


Meg at A Great Baby

Simply Sweet Halloween Baby Costumes at agreatbaby.com

Cuddly & Cute Baby Costume Swaddle at agreatbaby.com

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