More Than Just a Blanket


When I was born, my grandmother cross-stitched me a blanket. She had no idea how that one effort of love would shape my childhood. I can’t remember a night before I was a teenager that I didn’t need to have that blanket with me to sleep. I would carry it with me every where I went and got comfort from feeling the texture of the cross stitches that made up those little blue houses on it. As thread-bare and see-through as it is, I still have it now that I’m in my thirties and will always treasure that seemingly insignificant piece of fabric.

Your baby’s first blanket isn’t just a way to keep her warm and secure as a newborn, it can become a lifelong keepsake that holds priceless memories for both of you from day one, to year one, and beyond! Never underestimate the importance that “a piece of fabric” can hold.

Mandy’s Grandma also made these cross stitch blankets for her two little boys who now love them.

At A Great Baby, we get smiles every day in considering that we might be the special friends who provide your child with a blanket they will cherish for a lifetime.  As we pack them up and say our little prayer over your child, I like to imagine something similar to this sweet grandson who has a real affinity for his blankets that we have provided him from the day he was born until now.

With Love, Mandy and Mary Zimmer



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