Baby Blanket Baby Girl Pink English Roses


Dear Favorite Auntie, Mom wants this blanket set to wrap me in for photographs once I am born. Nothing screams baby girl pics like a soft pink baby blanket that I am snugly swaddled in, a little headband on my tiny head, and some amazing photos right from my hospital bed. You have been waiting for this moment just as long as Mommy has, I can’t imagine how happy it makes you to have found this blanket set.

Will you be having newborn photos done? Don’t forget to show your photographer this blanket ahead of time so that she can prepare the most awesome set up for your baby photos. A keepsake to treasure for the rest of her life.

Our blankets are not just pretty. They are sturdy and can be washed two hundred times in her life of babyhood. You can even bleach it now and then if you should choose to. Because nothing will ever fade on our prints.


Product Info

  • Made from Ivory Ponte Knit. Polyester/Cotton Blend
  • No Fading. No special laundering required.
  • Printed on one side only. The reverse side is plain.
  • All Of Our Products Meet CPSC Safety Requirements
  • Measures 34 x 42 inches, a great size as they grow.
  • Expect 10 days for delivery in the USA, and be delighted when we are even faster.


30+ Years of sewing experience, design capabilities, and genuine love stand behind every product we make. 

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