Baby Deluxe Wild Horses Blanket

$69.95 $69.95

One cold and rainy day after the birth of our latest granddaughter, I invented our latest blanket and called it the Baby Deluxe. This is the Cadillac of all baby blankets. It has a front made from minky fabric, printed in your favorite personalized print. The back is the fur you select, and hidden inside is a secret layer of material that you cannot see, but you can feel in weight and luxuy.

We learned quicky how much we were grabbing this blanket for every day use. Down on the floor for tummy time, and covering her car seat  in the stroller. It has already made it’s way through the laundry over a dozen times keeps looking brand new.

You  may choose any fur backing you would like to create your Baby Deluxe special, but we are showing you the suggested fur choices that we like best in the photos.

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