Baby’s First Christmas Baby and Toddler Girl Outfit


Imagine your new baby girl in this outfit for Christmas photos this year! How special her first Christmas will be as the newest member of your family while she “dawns her gay apparel” that is personalized just for her. It makes me smile thinking about your smile, mama, as your see the bright Christmas lights sparkling in her wide, excited eyes. Soak in every priceless moment of this beautiful season that is made even better now that it includes your little angel from heaven.

This is also an amazing gift for all of your daughters to wear while you joyfully open presents Christmas morning!

As your gaze at her in this adorable personalized outfit this Christmas, just remember that we are celebrating the MOST precious baby that was born thousands of years ago, and slept in a manger instead of a crib. Merry Christmas from us to you, and may God bless you and your growing family this holiday season.

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