Butterfly Baby Swaddle


Introduce your new miracle to the world with our beautiful butterfly baby swaddle!

This sweet and happy baby blanket celebrates the little bits of beauty all around us. Our little ones often enjoy it so much better than we do. They smoosh their noses into flowers trying to smell their fragrance. They are magnetized to the joy of splashing in puddles. They bring you their love in gifts of dandelions and pebbles.

While you wait for these moments when they learn to walk and explore, snuggle them a little closer. This time goes by much to quickly, and these moments soon become memories.

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Product Info

  • Made from Ivory Ponte Knit. Polyester/Cotton Blend
  • No Fading. No special laundering required.
  • Printed on one side only. The reverse side is plain.
  • All Of Our Products Meet CPSC Safety Requirements
  • Measures 34 x 42 inches, a great size as they grow.
  • Expect 10 days for delivery in the USA, and be delighted when we are even faster.


30+ Years of sewing experience, design capabilities, and genuine love stand behind every product we make. 

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