Green Cactus Non-Personalized Baby Blanket Swaddle


Oh Cacti, you make me smile. This fun vibrant blanket is sure to make anyone smile. Do you have a baby shower coming up? We can get these blankets made in under a week, and shipped out to you. Wait until you see how it comes wrapped and ready for you to bless somebody special. You are going to squeal, I promise.

Are you planning newborn photos? Don’t forget to show your photographer this blanket ahead of time so that she can prepare the most awesome set up for your baby photos. A keepsake to treasure for the rest of her life.

Our blankets are not just pretty. They are sturdy and can be washed two hundred times in her life of babyhood. You can even bleach it now and then if you should choose to. Because nothing will ever fade on our vibrant prints.


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