Colton World Traveler Swaddle Blanket


Your little man has places to go and a whole wide world to see and experience as he grows up! But the world can wait for a few more moments while you snuggle him in your arms wrapped tightly in our Colton World Traveler swaddle blanket. Made with an ultra soft jersey knit material that has a slight stretch to it, this blanket will make it easier than ever to keep your little go-getter peaceful and secure as he rests up for his next adventure!

He will love this blanket so much since it has his special name on it, that he will never want to leave on a trip without it! Whether he is using it to stay warm in a crib, car, plane or to snuggle at grandma’s house, you can rest assured that no matter how many times you wash it, the print will never fade.

Made one at a time with prayers and love for your baby, you will truly not believe the quality of this blanket when you receive your beautifully wrapped order.



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