Dreamcatcher Floral Personalized Baby Swaddle Blanket


Feather and Flowers and Native American Folklore, Oh my!

What a fun tradition to hang dreamcatchers over baby cradle to bring good luck to your baby.  Now you can wrap her up in your favorite look and show the world the name you have chosen for her. Rest assured that not only will this be your favorite blanket while she is a tiny newborn, but as she grows you will be washing it and drying it daily to keep up with her demands to take her special blankie everywhere she goes.  The beauty is that our quality will keep up with her.

Hold her tight and whisper in her ear that she can be just whoever she chooses to be in this world, and that she is cherished and loved, because each day that you lay her down to nap will be one day closer to her becoming the girl you have dreamed of.



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