Plum Rose Personalized Minky Deluxe Big Kids Blanket


Big Kid Blankets Are Here!

You have long loved our swaddle blankets, but now those babies are growing up!

Keep the meaningful personalization of A Great Baby with you as you snuggle under the covers on the best chilly days!

❤️ Two soft layers of furry, cozy fabric called Minky Fur.

❤️ Add your favorite bible verse, inspirational quote, or song lyric to make it that much more personal and meaningful!

❤️Blanket measures 58″T x 42″W

❤️ Ideal for Toddlers to 12 years olds

❤️ We are happy to include a special hand written note for you if you are sending as a gift!


Minky Deluxe Big Kid Blanket Description

  • This is a gorgeous blanket made from a fabric called Minky. It is a plush, fuzzy, soft fabric made from polyester. The back of the blanket is made from a fabric called Minky Fur. 
  • No Fading. Our blankets are made with permanent, non harmful dyes that will not fade or wash out over time.
  • These blankets have a heavy weight to them. They come out of the wash beautifully. Made for durablility in children’s wear, it can be washed time after time with no harm done.
  • Each blanket measures 58″ x 42″
  • This is a great gifts for toddlers all the way up to 12 years old.
  • Expect 14 days for delivery in the USA, and be delighted when we are even faster.

All Of Our Products Meet CPSC Safety Requirements

30+ Years of sewing experience, design capabilities, and genuine love stand behind every product we make. 

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