Tropical Leafy Baby Swaddle Blanket


Maybe when you look at this breezy calm swaddle you are taken back to that special vacation that gives you all the feelings of calmness you wish to instill upon your baby? Maybe the color green has always been your favorite and no matter what it takes, you can’t walk away from this one, I mean common, his name is on this!! No matter what pulls at your heart strings, you just know you want to see your tiny baby wrapped up in this one for many snuggles to come.

Bundle them up in the hospital room for some photos (don’t forget hats look super cute for photos too!) and then keep on using this blanket every single day for the next 2.5 years. (Then you can graduate to our Minky Big Kid Blankets!)  You will not believe the quality and long life that our swaddle blankets bring.  We take great care in hemming the edges in satin and using the best quality fabric on the market to guarantee this to you.


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