The Stuff Dreams are Made of: How a Mother’s Dream Became an Entrepreneur’s Reality

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When we haven’t reached it, there is this sort of golden glow around the word. It is a rather magical word. But then, when we reach it, the magic wears off, with sleepless nights, and piles of laundry that only get higher. We raise our voice, we turn on another tv show for baby, we turn into puddles of tears when daddy finally makes it through the door.

It’s magic mixed in with mundane.

If you know anything about Mary, you know how much she loves her family. They are always on her mind, always in her prayers, covering her walls and phone and computer with countless pictures. It’s what she works for, the days off, laughing with her children, snuggling with her grandchildren. If you know Mary, you also know that she says it like it is. She cherishes her family, she cherishes motherhood, but she understands the reality, what has been cropped and filtered out of instagram photos.

Motherhood. Is. Hard.

Mary remembers how much you have to give up in those early years. You sleep less, clean less, shower less. You have quiet less, sit down at meals less, have adult conversations less.

You have to give up so much. But what you gain is so much better.

When Mary was a new mom, she had to find a way to still be creative, something she could do on her own, something to retain a little bit of her former identity. For Mary, that meant sewing, sewing up a storm. Her love for making children’s clothing began when her children were tiny, and that love has only grown. Her stepdad Jack (see the blanket she dedicated to him here), and her husband Mark, supported her earliest business ventures.

It is a family business, through and through.

Mary started sewing for her own babies, but her handmade business grew and changed through the seasons. She made elaborate dance costumes, screen printed shirts for sport teams, created beautiful Christian wall decals, and eventually, she went back to the beginning–making baby gifts. Mary is back to sewing her favorite thing.  From the beautiful packaging, to the personal notes. From the prayers over each recipient, to her favorite candy tucked inside each box . . . Mary pours her creative love for family into her work, and that is why each baby gift is “wrapped in wonderful.”

So cherish these moments of motherhood, and don’t give up on your dreams.



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Personalized baby gifts for your sweet darling baby from 1Personalized baby gifts for your sweet darling baby from 1Personalized baby gifts for your sweet darling baby from 1

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