Working Together: A Great Baby Collaborations

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Who is Mary working with?

Isn’t there something exciting about finding someone that has a passion for the same thing you do? It’s like when I walk into Target with time, coffee, and no kids.  IT’S EXCITING!

Maybe you share the same sense of humor? You both love the same show and start talking in quotes. Maybe you both love dogs and share the funny and frustrating things your four-legged family members do.

Or maybe, you have found someone who speaks the same creative language as you, like Mary has. She is excited about these women entrepreneurs who capture beautiful photos of newborns wrapped in her personalized heirloom baby swaddles.

What does Mary love about their work?

All of these women, like Mary, are pioneering creatives. They began their businesses with creativity and a camera. Their work is full of light AND detail. They don’t miss the pink of the peony, or the crisp letters in her simple name swaddles. Find out more about their work and maybe even book a session here at: kellinicolephotography , kathrynleephotography, selenastoneyphotography, and daysgobyphotography

Who is Mary excited to work with next?

Mary has some exciting news about who she is collaborating with next, but I can’t give you all the details yet. I can tell you that A Great Baby might be joining a beautiful effort to support struggling mothers and adoptive families . . . so stay tuned!


Meg at A Great Baby

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