A Great Hope

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When you go without . . .

When you struggle to make ends meet . . .

Gifts of love, arriving on your doorstep at just the right time, become prayers of gratitude that you never forget.

Before Amazon, there was . . . Mary’s mother-in-law. Mark was first in the military and then in college; Mary was in the basement sewing for any extra dollars. Raising  three kids on a tattered shoestring, Mary’s MIL lived close by, and knowing their need, she would shop for extra groceries She would knock and leave the gifts in plastic bags on their doorstep, with treats like pie and ice-cream tucked inside. Gifts of love.

Now that season of struggle has become a sweet memory of God’s loving provision. Mary’s kids are grown, her grandbabies are multiplying. Her baby blanket business has grown, and seasons have changed. Now, through A Great Baby, Mary has been given a platform to be more and more generous for God’s kingdom, and she is excited about this new gift of love she calls A Great Hope.

Swaddle Blankets For Charity

Mary finds joy in giving to new moms who are struggling to make ends meet. With joy and creativity, she designs sweet Hope Blankets to bless struggling moms. If you have a story that touches their heart, and new baby, they aim to bless you with one. 

We hope you are in a season of giving and receiving many gifts of love too!


The Team at A Great Baby

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