Bryce Canyon Pines Swaddle Set

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I had never received a text from my husband like this before, but late in the winter during work, my phone buzzed. He had planned a vacation, and he was taking me on a trip to Utah. It was going to require that I train for “a bit more” than my usual gym workout. Looking up from this unexpected text, at the falling snow outside, I thought about friends who were scheduling vacations… beach vacations. I have to be truthful; I was not thrilled. But being a good sport, I went along with his plans.

Any getaway is a good getaway, right?

My husband began watching YouTube training videos and buying hiking equipment. I began worrying. Perhaps he had mistaken me for the wrong wife?

Not only am I afraid of heights, but hardworking exercise is not my ideal day of fun.

When the trip began, we were greeted with six inches of snow. On Memorial Day. We did our fair share of laughing. Was I sad that we could not go hiking for five hours after all? Ummmm… No, not really.

I began to enjoy the beauty that surrounded us, the bed and breakfast cottage, and the delicious food.

On day two, I was rested and ready. Heck, I would even say I was excited to get out on the trails. This new nature girl was rising up in me, and I was enjoying the beauty of God’s creation like never before.

After two miles, I surprised Mark by telling him I had just begun and was ready to take on four more miles.

It didn’t take long, hiking through that beautiful nature, for my brain to start mapping out fresh baby blanket designs.

I can almost smell the Pine trees and feel the forest floor with my newest baby collection–Bryce Canyon.


If this set is appeals to you, you have already discovered the magic of beholding beauty in the many parks our country is blessed with. Which ones hold sweet memories of adventure for you, like Bryce Canyon does for me?

I can’t wait for you to snuggle your adventurer in our Bryce Canyon Baby Collection, and also here: Bryce Canyon Campers Collection as you explore the wonders of nature and build a lifetime of memories together.


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