Gameday with Kids in Tow

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After a summer of fun and sun, it’s time to hit the ballfields again. Football is kicking off this Friday!
In Hartselle, Alabama if you want a seat in the stands at the football game it’s custom to arrive one hour early, which means get off work and GO, GO, GO!


Football idea board

Our family keeps an extra-large gameday tote for ballgames because life happens and traveling anywhere with kids even for an hour can be tough if you forget an essential. A few things me and some of my mom friends always like to keep or recommend others to keep in a gameday tote include:

  • A blanket to throw over the stroller or car seat ( AGB has great options lightweight swaddle for summertime or thick and cozy deluxe for cooler months)
  • Sunscreen (adult and baby) – even if it is a cool day or overcast the sun can still do some damage – and I know my northern friends are laughing at this.
  • Small toys that strap to the car seat or a fuzzy lovie to keep the little ones entertained.
  • Teething toys if you are at that stage.
  • Sunglasses for ALL parties attending big and small.
  • Snacks – not all concession stands are baby or toddler friendly.
  • No spill sippy cups
  • Bottled water because going to the concession stand with three young kids in tow is impossible and in some horrible cases- there is no concession stand.
  • Handsfree personal fans for anyone south of Ohio – Fully charged or with new batteries on standby.
  • Portable charger or 2 and cords that go with your fan AND phone– because sometimes we forget to charge things and that’s ok.
  • Large fluffy blanket - my newest favorite blanket by AGB!

PRO TIP: Leave the chargeable items (including the portable chargers in a bag to themselves and always try to put them in the top of your tote so you remember to charge them when you get home and always leave the empty bag on top, so you remember to put them back in as your run out the door.

If you feel like dressing your little one up for the night, AGB also has some cozy gowns and outfits for the littlest of football fans.
Here in the south, we are still beating the heat, but it won’t be long before we will be ready to layer up for the Friday night lights. When I am already carrying so many heavy things and sometimes solo until my husband can meet us at the game, I don’t want to add stadium seats to my list of things so my go to is a fluffy blanket for wrapping myself in - not just for the buffer between the hard bleachers but also to keep me warm during the cooler months.
A Great Baby has JUST launched a sports version of my favorite fluffy blanket that is Minky on one side and Sherpa on the back with so many personalizations for different sports. I was able to choose my team’s name, sport and color and also personalize it for my family. Get yours HERE!

Team blankets

Not only are these for football, but Mary has also added designs for band or chorus, baseball, basketball and soccer! Lots of color options and 2 font combinations are ready for you to customize your own today! 


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