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Parents have to make the initial decision on what the key pieces are going to be to make the space perfect for their little one. In a gender-neutral nursery, those choices can be difficult.
The key to a divine nursery is the flow. Making your room practical but calming while allowing your creativity to flow. A Great Baby’s new collection of Lion themed products made this an easy gender-neutral nursery design.
Photo of lion themed nursery collection ideas
The soft gold and blue paired with the bold brown hues provide an array of possibilities for your space allowing easy pops of color, like boho greenery, to be added. And you can use Agreeable Gray to keep the walls neutral for future room updates but also provide an airy space for your little one to rest and grow.
Lion Print Baby Personalized Crib sheet with a lion on it and a crown, A Great Baby
The buttery soft, personalized lion crib sheet is the perfect cornerstone to your gender-neutral nursery. Soon we will be offering printables for additional emphasis on the collection pieces added in your baby's nursery.
Golden Yellow Rug
A golden rug adds just enough color to make a statement, but still keeps the neutral calming theme intact.
A bright white or ivory fixture will keep the space light and airy while adding a simple stylish touch to the room.
Boho basket
Simple yet functional additions to the room like this boho plant basket, can be used on a shelf or dresser for holding a couple swaddles or baby items you want to have handy but not in open view. We moms love stylish ways to hide the clutter.
While being a parent is a magical experience, there are always moments when you would like to see your little one entertain themselves. This wooden Play + Activity Gym is not only the perfect entertainment for your child but a beautiful quality piece of work.
Raffia Lion
With neutral tones your wall hangings can be as bold or simple as you like as long as they are not overpowering. We recommend at least one unique addition like this lion face raffia wall hanging
In addition to all these great finds, A Great Baby also makes pajamas, swaddles, car seat covers and picture-perfect outfits,  and gowns and so much more to take your style on the go!
Download your free prints to match your Boho Lion themed products. All you will need is a frame!
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Baby with Lion swaddle

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