Happy Earth Day!

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How did you celebrate Earth Day this year? Did you recycle your empty bottles, or maybe start a compost bin for your garden? God created a beautiful Earth for us, and the Bible says that everything in creation sings His praises. I think it honors Him when we respect His handywork-- not worship it over Him, but respect it. 

So with Earth Day in our recent rearview mirror, I want to show you a brand new pattern that I am super excited about which displays one of my favorite things in nature: wildflowers! Colleen Floral Blue, and Colleen Floral Mauve are quickly skyrocketing to one of my favorite spring prints, and I know y'all will love them too!

colleen floral blue personalized baby blanket

colleen floral mauve personalized baby blanket

I also want to highlight a pattern that you guys might have seen on my instragram on Earth Day: Jeff the Pilot. My son, Jeff, is a helicopter pilot in the Army and has always loved aviation. This pattern was designed with him in mind. Any of the products in this set, with their sweet pastel watercolor aircrafts, would be the perfect addition to any aviation-themed nursery or photoshoot.

aviation personalized crib sheet

aviation personalized baby swaddle blanket

I hope you have a very blessed week! Find some time in your busy schedule to get out and enjoy the beautiful Earth that we get to live on.

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