A Special Blanket Just For Your Toddler

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Happy Wednesday friends!

Can we be real for a second? Being the mom of a toddler is hard! When the pushing back and those meltdowns happen... Oh my. It is HARD! The "terrible two's" got its name for a reason. But when you get those sweet, priceless moments when your grown-up-baby wants to slow down and snuggle with you for a few minutes, it is alllll worth it! Am I right?

So to make sure your toddler has a special blanket for those times, I created the Toddler Blanket  that is just the perfect size for them! They are bigger than the Baby Deluxe, but smaller than the Minky Throws. (44 x 38 inches to be exact.) They come in 18 "big kid" prints because we know at this age interests in certain things are forming. From mermaids to monster trucks, we have lots to choose from so your little one feels like it is his or her own special blanket. And as always, you can personalize it with any name you want.

personalized toddler blanket

Not only is the front adorned with fun prints and your child's name, the back is lined with the softest, coziest sherpa material you have ever felt! Seriously, you NEED to feel the quality of these beauties.

If you are looking for a birthday present for the toddler that already has more toys than they know what to do with, CONGRATS, YOU HAVE FOUND IT!

 I know your toddler will love this blanket, and you will love the snuggles and memories you get with it!

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  • So cute and feels so comfortable.

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