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If there is any group I sincerely love and support, it is the sisterhood of MOTHERHOOD!!  

You have by far the hardest job on the planet!

I'm so excited about going live on Facebook, June 23 at 12:00 Eastern Time with something exciting just for you!

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I have been thinking of you and I wonder if like me, you dream of ways to enjoy the blessing of motherhood, but also help with the financial side of family. Aren't we all thinking about this?

So I am going to start talking to Mom's who have found a way. 

Introducing a new monthy facebook live show called

Moms Inspire Moms

Wednesday, June 23,  Emma Kozowski will be our first monthly guest to share her story with us about raising 3 small children all while helping her family with her marketing skills. 

Fun fact: She's my new marketing coach! 

Hear how Emma helped raise $2,000,000 for her family's benefit organization called The Scotty Fund. 

I have two other guests lined up for July and August! I think you will really enjoy gaining the knowledge and motivation that these ladies have to offer. 

A Great Baby

P.S.Your purchases make you a partner in KINDNESS. Together we are giving away 100+ blankets per month to foster families and single moms who chose to raise their children, often with little or no help. 

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