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Hi mama!

Do you get overwhelmed by all of the different suggestions from your well-meaning friends and family on which stores to create a baby registry from? There are so many decisions you have to make right now as you're expecting baby, where to create a registry should not be one of them!

There is amazing app called BabyList that you can keep all of your registered items in one location! And it's super simple to set up. (No, we are not getting any kickback or compensation for recommending them! I just think it's a cool concept and want to pass it along.)

1. First, just find the Babylist app in your app store and download it:

2. Follow the easy instructions as prompted through the app set up process:


3. Once you have your account set up, you can start adding the products from any store, and the app will consolidate all of your chosen items into one list that gift-givers can see and choose from! 


Just choose the store you want to add from, and their baby items come up. You click on the + sign in the bottom corner and it's added to your list!

To add an item from A Great Baby, scroll down to the search bar on the page with the stores and type in Then you can search our website and add anything you see by clicking the red " Add to Babylist" button at the bottom. 


I recommended adding instructions on how to personalize the item with your baby's name under "notes for friends and family" line when you add the item to your Babylist. (and of course marking it as a "must have" item.)

And that's it! You can email or text a link to your friends and family (or include the web address on your baby shower invitations) to make the registry process easy for you and them! 

Enjoy shopping!


A Great Baby



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